• WINE INK has been a long-time thought in the heart and head of two people.
  • WINE INK is about experience and passion.
  • WINE INK is about quality and value...and quirk.
  • WINE INK has found a home in a beautiful old brick building in the heart of downtown Calgary.

Spier, Sparkling Brut
Our Price: $27.75
Pongracz, sparkling
Our Price: $18.95
We don’t hand pick every wine on our shelves, actually our hands have very little to do with our selection, other than transporting the wine via a glass, to our nose and mouth. I guess, you would have to say that our wines are nose and palate picked. That being said, we appreciate the variety and typicity of our wines and the value that they represent, but really, most of all, we are what we drink!